Document translations

Document translations

Diotima Translation Agency provides certified translations of personal and corporate documents for individuals and companies alike.

Going abroad to work or study? We can translate your documents into the language of the host country, and certify them, i.e. shall provide an official clause or endorsement on request.

When should you order an official translation?

When should you order an official translation?

To study abroad
University and college diplomas, high school diploma and vocational education and training certificates, technical diplomas, language examination certificates, professional practice and other certificates, birth certificates

When working abroad
Certificate of education, vocational qualification, certificate by the employer, work experience, copy of clean criminal records with the police, birth certificate, marriage certificate

When registering a company abroad and opening bank accounts
Memorandum and articles of association, articles of incorporation, specimen signature, copy of company register, income certificate, certificate tax authorities, bank certificate, copy of clean criminal records with the police, power of attorney

For the administration of a marriage abroad
Birth certificate, copy of clean criminal records with the police, proofs of address and marital status, final decision by court of divorce

Our e-certified or printed translations provided with an official clause have been accepted by all foreign authorities and agencies. e-certified documents issued by us must be accepted as such throughout the EU. The situation is slightly different in Hungary, where many offices and authorities insist on "Certified Translations”. With the exception of copies of the Commercial Court’s register and company documents, only the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation (OFFI kft), or a consular officer is authorized to issue a "Certified Translation”. In case the authority did not impose as a prerequisite to submit a certified translation, the translation endorsed by our Agency is in order.

Certificate translation, diploma translation, translation of certificate of good conduct

What types of documents shall you have us translate?

For individuals:

  • Copy of criminal records with the police
  • Official certificate
  • Official translation of birth certificates (marriage, birth and death certificates)
  • Secondary school diploma (high school and vocational school), vocational certificate, National Training Register (OKJ) certificate, diploma of technician, certificate of qualification, language examination certificate, diploma, registration course book, university diploma, college diploma
  • Official Translations of identity cards, residence cards, driving license
  • CV, motivation letter, reference letter, letter of recommendation
  • Official certificate
  • Employer's certificate
  • Certificate of school attendance
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce papers
  • Death certificate


Official Translation for companies:

  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • Copy of company register
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Specimen signature
  • Official clause for translation of balance sheets, simplified annual accounts, tax certificates, invoices, contracts, minutes, company documents

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 When translating documents, it is often necessary to endorse the authenticity of the translation, known as an Official Translation. When requesting an Official Translation certificate from our Agency, we provide the translation in electronic format (downloadable as a file, in PDF or ES3 format, with electronic signature and time stamp) or on paper signed and stamped.


An Official Translation is not the same as the ‘Certified Translation’ and the customer should be aware that in many cases a Certified Translation is required for the administration of public affairs (which in such cases can only be provided by the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation). Therefore, it is advisable to ask the recipient of the translation prior to submission, if the translation office's endorsement (Official Translation) meets the host organization’s requirements regarding certification of matching content between the original document and the translation.

The endorsed documents by our Agency, as well as the e-certified translations have been accepted by all foreign offices, authorities and courts, and have not been challenged once. Hungarian authorities often only accept the work of the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation (OFFI Kft), consequently we recommend you to ask them whether they accept certified or e-authenticated documents prepared by a translation agency.

 Electronically signed (e-authenticated) private documents with full probative value have the same legal effect as printed, sealed, pen-signed documents and must be accepted by all authorities in the European Union.

 Please indicate your intention to request an Official Translation when asking us for a quote, nevertheless, you can also request the certificate prior placing your order.

 We use a flat fee for document translation. Most translations of Hungarian documents are done into English and German, but the Diotima Translation Agency can also undertake official translations into rare languages as well.