Specialized financial translation

Specialized financial translation

Diotima Translation Agency has been providing high quality translation and interpreting services at affordable prices for business and private purposes to companies, organizations, international language service providers and individuals since 2003. In addition to excellent value for money and the client-oriented approach, the Agency employs experienced professional translators and interpreters, and makes good use of advanced technical background to support translation work.

 More and more businesses have foreign interests, and international relations are no longer a speciality or a privilege for large companies. Professional financial and business translations are therefore essential, and a reliable and experienced translation agency, such as the Diotima Translation Agency, is the best placed to provide them. In order to provide a flawless end product our financial translators can be assisted by colleagues who are experts in legal and banking terminology.

Why do financial translations require expertise?

Unlike general translation, financial translation requires up-to-date and relevant knowledge of economic processes. It's not enough to have up-to-date knowledge of the related terminology, nor is it enough to have superficial economic knowledge. Seasoned financial translators have an insight of financial processes and closely follow latest developments and technologies implemented.


Financial translation implies a number of obligations. A small error in the translation may result in financial and moral damage to the client, not to mention the legal consequences of a document of high importance incorrectly or incompletely translated. Tenders, investments, negotiations with a foreign parent company for instance can go wrong if the financials of the requested documents contain errors. 

This is the reason why it's important to commission only a reliable and expert translation agency! Diotima Translation Agency has a team of native-speaking translators with decades of experience working to ensure that your financial documents and further business translations are delivered to you with perfect quality and without errors.

 Financial translations shall not be done "in-house". You should not ask a colleague to translate economic related documents into a foreign language or from a foreign language into Hungarian. Even a professional with a degree in finance may make serious mistakes if he or she does not have the appropriate training and experience in translation. In addition, the extra workload and possible errors can lead to serious conflicts within your company. It's not worth the risk, the flawless translation proves to be a good investment.

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 Translating finance related documents entails particular responsibility, consequently, our office pays due attention to the quality and accuracy of the translations. We also proofread these types of translations at the request of the client. Moreover, on request, we will provide the translations with our Agency’s endorsement, seal and stamp, in order to assume professional warranty for our work. In addition to the moral responsibility, we are financially responsible up to the total amount of the order.

 Our translators are experts in the field of finance and will prepare financial documents with the utmost accuracy and care.

We undertake a wide range of translations of financial documents

Our Translation Agency works on a wide range of financial documents on a daily basis, some of which may be specialized financial translations such as:

  • Audit reports
  • Business plans and business reports
  • Financial statements
  • Company accounts and confirmation statements
  • Tax returns
  • Income statements
  • Decision of the competent tax office
  • balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and annexes
  • Financial analysis
  • Certificate of the competent tax office
  • Bank information
  • Invoices, receipts, accounting documents
  • Other financial, corporate materials
  • Report by certified public accountant
  • Controlling
  • Copies from general ledger
  • Financial reports
  • Audit reports
  • Documents issued by a bank
  • Loan contracts
  • Cash-flow statements

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Financial translations are carried out by experienced translators, experts in finance, who are familiar with business, moreover, master well the related terminology. We may ask more colleagues to work on a single text to ensure a perfect end product.

 Don't leave it to chance, it's not worth the risk. Our Translation Agency will take the burden off your shoulders and give you peace of mind with your financial documentation in any language spoken.