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Interpretation is spoken translation.

In case you require interpretation services, choose the interpreter partners of Diotima Translations!


  • Because we have almost 20 years of experience in the field of language mediation.
  • Because we work with qualified, professional interpreters who meet our strict professional standards.
  • Because we can also provide interpreters in rare languages.
  • Because our interpreters can meet all your needs: interpreting in official and court cases, at conferences and business meetings, or at more informal events.
  • Because our interpreters work according to professional ethics and in strict confidentiality.


IMPORTANT! The quality of the interpreting depends to a large extent on the interpreter's ability to prepare in advance. The interpreter's assistance is necessary to ensure that the interpreter receives the programme of the event, a summary of the presentations, possibly written texts and/or presentations.

Interpreter, English interpreter
Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation

The negotiating parties stop after every other sentence or train of thought, and wait for the interpreter to interpret them as accurately as possible.
When is consecutive interpretation required?

  • Business meetings, negotiations
  • Official meetings
  • Presentations
  • Facility interpretation
  • Machine-line training
  • Manufacturing line training for collegues
  • Facility visit
  • Administration
  • Guided tours
  • Informal meetings

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Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation with the speaker; two interpreters are required per language. The interpreters are located in interpretation booths, listening to the speaker through headphones and speaking the translated text in a microphone.

During simultaneous interpretation, the interpreters work in pairs: they sit in the interpretation booth, listening to the voice of the speaker only in their headphones. They continuously interpret the speech, and alternate every 20 minutes. As simultaneous interpretation requires immense concentration and focus, the organizers need to regard the necessity of pauses between lectures requiring interpretation, so the interpreters can rest. This is necessary, as although they work in pairs, the interpreter not speaking still constantly monitors the lecture to help their partner in case they are stalling or if they suddenly have to take over.

During simultaneous interpretation, the audience can listen to the boradcast of the interpreters through headphones. It is possible to interpret to multiple languages at the same time, as the audience chooses the preferred language of the lecture through their headphones.

When an event is multilingual, the interpreters can work from each others' interpretation (relay), or may interpret from foreign language to foreign language.
This method allows the continuous listening to the event in every language.

Simultaneous interpretation

Advantages of simultaneous translation:

  • Continuous interpretation, no need for pauses in the speech, it occurs simultaneously with the lecture, requiring less time
  • Interpretation in multiple languages
  • Interpretation of questions is also performed, in case the questioner speaks into a portable microphone 
  • The audience not understanding the original lecture can react to the lecture almost simultaneously (with a few seconds delay), strengthening the mutual experience and the impact of the speech
  • The lecture requires the same amount of time as if there was no interpretation.

Disadvantages of simultaneous translation:

  • Two interpreters and the renting of additional equipment is required
  • Location and placement can only be changed within the room and regarding the perspective of the interpreter.

When is simultaneous interpretation required?

  • Conference
  • Product introduction
  • Book introduction
  • Roundtable meeting
  • Focus group
  • Assembly
  • Workshop
  • Seminar
  • Corporate training
  • Benefit event
  • Awards ceremony

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Online interpretation / Remote interpretation

The web conference or online meeting occurs live through the internet. The members need to connect to an online conference system; these systems can be installed for free on laptops and cell phones alike.

Advantages of online interpretation:

  • Your company saves costs related to travel, accomodation and other expenses.
  • No additional time is required for travel. Adding together every collegue's time, this can be several hundred hours.
  • The system can be installed in several locations, moreover, the participants can connect from every point of the world.

Interpretation can be provided in multiple languages


Interpretation equipment

By request, we provide full technical background for interpretation.
Technical staff is required for the installation and operation of the interpretation equipment.