Translation of Medical Contents

Translation of Medical Contents

Translating medical and pharmaceutical texts requires special care, a high level of mastery and preparation. It is indeed an extremely diverse segment of sciences, and wording by translators must follow related disciplines’ standard terminology. Therefore, translation of medical contents and official documents demands specialized professional knowledge in addition to general medical and pharmaceutical expertise. Responsibility is rather heightened as individuals’ healthcare is at stake.

First and foremost, the best matching translator with the specific job must be selected. All commissions with us are carried out by specialists, be they translators or proofreaders with medical expertise and a great deal of experience, or having medical and/or pharmaceutical degrees.

Medical translation, medical translations

Quality guarantee of medical translations

Work is performed in strict confidentiality involving both our clients and translators, moreover, our workflow complies with GDPR requirements.

On request, we are happy to send you more detailed information about our relevant professional experience, translators, workflows and references.

Why do you need professional medical translation?

Why do you need professional medical translation?

Translation of medical documents may often be needed to cope with treatment abroad, work, or even to deal with insurance policies or warrant legal proceedings. We undertake the translation of any medical reports, outpatient forms, health insurance forms, final reports, as well as medical certificates into Hungarian or into another foreign language, certified by official clause if necessary. 

We also translate upon request medical diplomas, certificates, official documents certifying qualifications, CVs and copy of the police certificate for no criminal records for Hungarian medical professionals and specialized nurses working abroad, at a reasonable price, within 1 day, without any basic fee or extra charge.

Who needs a medical translation?

Healthcare institutions, healthcare-related companies and individuals.

Areas of specialization




  • Translation of medical history, final reports, outpatient charts, medical records
  • Medical records and reports
  • Translation and proofreading of documents related to treatments and therapies
  • Patient information and informed consent
  • Documents related to the health insurance
  • Clinical trial protocols
  • Forms and certificates requested by foreign health insurance companies (e.g. health insurance funds)
  • Summary of product characteristics, and labels
  • Licenses issued or letters written by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYI)
  • Assessment published by the Scientific Council for Health (ETT)
  • Anatomical descriptions
  • Leaflets on drugs and pharmaceutical products
  • Research materials
  • Pharmacopoeias
  • Websites of dental and private clinics
  • Descriptions of medical instruments and equipment
  • Nutritional supplement leaflets, and descriptions of vitamins
  • Brochures on nutritional supplements
  • Product formulation, list of additives
  • Authorization documentations
  • Medical applications and tenders, medical CV, diploma, qualifications and certificates
  • Medical statements, clinical trial contracts
  • Medical case studies, non profit reports
  • Lectures, speeches, allocutions addresses and thesis in connection with medical sciences
  • Scientific articles and studies, case studies, bulletins, medical journal articles, conference articles and presentations, articles published in scientific papers
  • Tenders, health regulations
  • Websites for private clinics, dental clinics, laser ophthalmology clinics, plastic surgery clinics, etc.
  • Medical instruments and devices description, medical equipment instruction manuals
  • Safety data sheets, hazard assessment analysis
  • Advertising materials, exhibition brochures and catalogs

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If you need an Official Translation, our Agency shall provide an official clause or endorsement on request.

An Official Translation is a proof-read, stamped, bound or stapled and formally endorsed translation, which certifies that the translation matches the original text submitted to our Agency. Contrary to popular belief, a Certified Translation by the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation (OFFI Kft) is only required in a few rare cases in Hungary, nevertheless, Official Translations issued by our Agency are always accepted abroad. Save on translation fees - ask for a quote from Us!